To increase the rate of reading in our country it is necessary to
recognize the effectual factors. The aim of this research is to ,study this
important matter by using the method of measurment in Azad Islamic
Universities of Iran. The basic theory of this research is: "the habit of
reading in childhood - young reading effects on the continuance of
reading through lifetime". In this research the opinions of the students
of the B.A course in Azad Islamic Universities of Iran were asked by
using questionnaire, and 3500 questionnaires distributed among the
sample chosen from Azad Islamic Universities.
The findings have shown that about 31 percent of the participants
read 30 minutes a day, 24 percent of them read 60 minutes a day and 10
percent read more than 60 minutes a day. The important factors from
their point of view for the shortage of reading in country are:- The
expensive cost of books (19 percent), - No appreciating for the value of
knowledge in country, (12 percent), - Economical problems in society
(10.5 percent),- The absence of childhood - young reading habits (16.5
percent), the lake of motivation to read (13 percent), - Being too busy
(12 percent), About 32 percent of the participants provide their needed
books from the library of their schools and their universities. The results
showed that there is a meaningful relationship between the childhood ¬
young reading and adult reading, and relationship between parents
reading and their children reading. Other results showed that there is a
postivive meaningful relationship between variables such as mass

communication programs (Radio and T.V), the availability of needed and interesting books, economic conditions of family and the rate of
adult reading. In addition there is a negative relationship between the
number of the members of family and the rate of childhood - young and
adult reading.
Attentive to the results of this research, families, the Ministry of
Education, Ministry Islamic of Guidance and Culture, mass communication and other cultural organs in country can have an
important role in developing the culture of reading among children and
young people.