The Evaluating of professional Human resources at the College libraries of university of Tehran



The present study was conducted with the aim of evaluating the professional Library staff in Tehran university libraries. Distributing two kinds of questionnaires relating to manager and library information specialist staff occupying 18 libraries, their attendance in different parts of library and their conformity with standards was surveyed. Appling Evaluative Survey in fulfilling present study it was revealed that, 56.3 percent believed that their library has a defined program to acquaint the new staff, both professional and paraprofessional, with its program and activities, 8 persons, approximately 50 percent, said that their libraries provide the needed conditions to keep educating the professionals. Not all the professionals in equal conditions enjoy litaular and occupational advantages. Only two persons, 12.5 percent, were satisfied with occupational and professional conditions. The faculties face inadequacy of professionals equal to 61 percent and paraprofessional equal to 26 percent on average