The Life and Works of Professor M.T. Danesh-Pajouh



Prof. Mohammad-Taqi Danesh-Pajouh was born in 1290/1911. After his primary education in his birth-place, Amol, he continued his education and studied clerical topics in Qom. Then he entered the Faculty of Law at Tehran University and took his bachelor's degree in 1320/1941. He began his career as a librarian in the library of above mentioned faculty, and a few years later, he was appointed as deputy to that library, a post which has prolonged for 29 years. During this period he could transform his library into a model library and the richest one in the country. He joined the Dep. Of History of the Faculty of Theology at Tehran University in 1348/1969. He died in 1375/1996. He has left huge number of works behind himself in various fields. He is the author of numerous articles on Persian and Islamic studies. Several scholarly text of previous writers have been edited and published by him. He has a high rank in cataloging of Persian and Arabic manuscripts, being kept in Iranian and foreign libraries. His most monumental work is the voluminous catalog of manuscripts in the Centeral Library of Tehran University. his various catalogs are the substantial tools for researches.