The Plan for Developing Information Services in Islamic of Azad University



Purpose: this research is to present a plan to improve Information Services in libraries of Islamic of Azad University, so that more proper services can be presented to the university community through studying the processes.
Methodology: this research is descriptive survey. The target population includes 75 central, main units of libraries. Collecting Information tool is a questionnaire with 35 questions. SPSS is used for analyzing the data.
Findings: The results of this research indicate that libraries have many difficulties for providing services due to human resources, equipments, collections, and organizing. Electronic services are not offer in all libraries and half of the libraries lack the electronic services.
Furthermore, %17.5 of libraries has designed their website to present their information. Current awareness services and selective dissemination of information have respectively allocated %14.5 and %1.9 to themselves. Using e-mails services is %13.3.
Based on the findings, developing professional human resources, organizing, equipment, services and training have been all suggested.