Investigation of Iran Universities' Scientific Publications During 2002-2006 According to Web of Science Database



Purpose: Because of nature university is defined as one of the most important scientific centers in each country. One of the basic criteria for evaluating universities is the number of scientific publications of each university.
Methodology: In this paper; first 113 universities of Iran were investigated during 2002-2006 according to the scientific publications indexed in the web of Science database. Then 30 prior universities which had the most number of publications in this database were selected for other analyses.
Findings: the results of this research showed that during this period of time, (Tehran University) has had the highest number of publications among the other universities in Iran. "PHOSPHORUS SULFUR AND SILICON AND THE RELATED ELEMENTS" journal has published the most number of Iran Universities' publications. The highest numbers of Iranian publications during 2002-2006, are related to the chemistry subject category. "Articles" are the most published types of documents in ISI journals (88.23%) and English is the language goes the highest number of documents (99.91%). Iran universities have had the highest collaboration with the United States and then Canada on producing Scientific Publications.