Survey of Co-linking motivations among Websites of biology scientific centers



Purpose: Investigation of co-linking usage as a new indicator in evaluating subject similarities among scientific websites as well as the co-linking motivation among biology scientific centers websites.
Methodology: The research population consists of 24 websites who were affiliated with the Ministry of Science Research & Technology and/or Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Link-analysis was used in order to investigate the co-linking relation,
Findings: 68% of websites are bilingual (Persian-English), 20% English, 8% Persian and 4% multilingual (Persian, Arabic, French & English). Based on co-linking rankings the National research center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Pasteur Institute of Iran and Royan Infertility and Reproductive Medical Research & Clinical Centers rank hold the top three positions. The lowest ranks belong to Cellular & molecular biology Research Center, Cancer Research Center of Shiraz, Biotechnology & Bu’Ali Scientific Center. The reasons of co-linking in 97% cases are navigational, 2.75% Informal impact & 0.25% unspecified