Introduction to a manuscript of the general works of Pir-Jamal Ardestani as preserved in the manuscript chamber of Central Library of the University of Tehran along with a brief summary of his works and biography



Purpose: Pir jamal Ardestani was the greatest Shiite mystic of the ninth century A.H. One of the fourteen Sohrevardi branches of enlighten is known by his name. He was one of the most prolific mystics in Persian language and literature and has left behind many compositions, yet regrettably very few manuscripts covering his works have survived.
Method: A comparative, proof-reading method was employed
Findings: Many of Pir jamal Ardestani's works have been subjected to alterations and bias due to his unique and particular ideas. One of the surviving manuscripts is a tiny book preserved in the central Library at University of Tehran. This copy which has endured the ravages of time is much damaged. In the absence of any exhaustive studies to date, its importance and credibility is still mute. The copy also contains invaluable information about the kind of illumination, decoration and preparation of manuscripts from the Tamerlane period within Arak region. Exact comparison of this copy with a valuable and authoritative copy held at the Library museum of Islamic Consultative Assembly. The extent of importance, authenticity, authority, scope and amount of missing text has been demonstrated