A survey on the situation of the libraries at the engineering Campus of Tehran University and comparing them with the standard of the university libraries



Purpose: Present study investigates the state of the libraries engineering campus of Tehran University (Central Library Campus 1, Central Library Campus 2, Metallurgical Engineering Library, Electro-technique Institute Library) and compares the results with the university libraries standards
Method: A descriptive method employing Interviews with manager, observation, study on document and collection information from educational assistant of faculty were used for data collection.
Findings: indicate that aims and tasks of the Engineering Campus libraries are substandard due to logistical difficulties. The administration and management view these libraries as being significantly different. The specialists – resources ratio in these libraries is near standards level, but the staff –student ratio in these libraries are below standards level .From resources point of view Engineering Campus Libraries are sub-standard. In view organization of materials, however, these libraries are near standards level. Libraries services significantly depart from library standards. Spaces, buildings and equipments are at standards level but properly utilized and general improvement in this section is necessary.