A Survey on suitability of information resources collection in Central Library of Hamadan University of medical sciences with users needs



Purpose: To determine the degree of suitability of information resources held at the central library at Hamadan University of Medical Sciences with the needs of the user community
Method: A descriptive survey method was employed using questionnaire as data collection instrument. The population consisted of 345 individuals randomly chosen from those using the central library at Hamadan University of Medical Sciences.
Findings: 40.9 percent of patrons use the library most of the times. 35.1 percent have indicated the suitability of Farsi books with their information needs as being high. 42.3%, 32.5%, 31% and 29% of the users have deemed the suitability of English language books, Farsi journals, English journals and databases as being average respectively. The most important factors impacting on increasing the suitability rate are as follows: currency of resources, diverse resource acquisition, sensitivity to user requests, preparation of user guides to new resources and acquisition of all types of resources in electronic format.