Information seeking behavior articles in Persian Journals between 1996 and 2009



Objective: The present investigation studies the status of articles published on Information seeking behavior in Persian journals for the 1996-2009 period.
Methodology: Bibliometric method using a checklist was used.
Findings: The results indicate that of 81 articles retrieved for the period studied, 92.6 per cent were original papers and 7.4 percent were translations. Male authors contributed to 58.4% of articles. 66.64 percent s had single authors. 70.37 percent were research papers of which 85.96 percent had used descriptive survey method. Questionnaire was the data collection instrument in 96.49 percent of the population studied. 40.35 percent of articles studied had investigated information seeking behavior among faculty members. Faslname-ketab, Nashriye-Markaz Asnad va Ketabkhaneh Melli Jomhouri Islami Iran had the highest number of articles (23) on this topic.