World Memory Program and its Role in Preservation of World Memory Program Documented Heritage



Objective: The present article reviews the features of UNESCO World Memory initiative and explains UNESCO objective for drafting such a program. The impact of Universal registration of documented heritage is another issue illustrated.
Methodology: The present study is based on the descriptive- analysis methodology using the library sources and the author's experiences of her introductions of the Iranian documentary heritage to the UNESCO.
Finding: The participation in the programs relating to the introduction and register of Iranian documentary heritage are very important. Introduction of an Iranian documentary heritage to the world which is useful on the preservation of such work from one hand, and the other hand, introducing the riches of the Iran o-Islamic culture to the other world cultures are very significant. The present study shows that since the memory of the world program is very important all over the world, therefore it is necessary to the Iranian authorities and thinkers to paying attention to titular give it a more serious attention.