Comparison of Iranian Scholarly Papers Indexed In Iranian Science Citations and Web of Science with Emphasis on Self-Citation



Objective: The present investigation compares the degree of self-citation of Iranian scholarly publications indexed in both Iranian Science Citation (ISC) and ISI’s Web of Science (WoS). The study covers the 2005-2009period. Subject distribution, extent of self-citations, mean differences in self-citation and nature of co-authorships and corporate affiliations were also studied.
Methodology: Bibliometric method was deployed. The sample included 1089 articles indexed in ISC and 27729 articles indexed in WoS for 2005-2009 periods. Typical samples were taken using regular random sampling.
Findings: Results indicated that WoS has the higher rate of co-authorships, citations, and self citations for Iranian articles indexed than ISC. No significance was observed in either databases regarding number of citations and number of authors. Examination of subject scope indicated that while Humanities and Social Sciences have the highest share in ISC, Basic Sciences are dominant in WoS.