Investigating Correlation between Playing Computer Games and Readership among K-8 Students: Case Study of Karaj City



Objective: The present paper studies the relationship between computer games with readership among K-8 students in Karaj City in 2010.
Methodoloy: A survey method was employed using a self-constructed questionnaire. 384 students (192 girls and 192 boys) were selected.
Findings: It was indicated that in spite of the desirable level of readership among students, the boys study more than the girls as well as spending more time on computer games. Findings indicated that there is a positive significance between reading and grade per average. Nothing was inferred between reading and playing computer games. The investigation showed that there is significant correlation between reading and existence or lack of computer games. Students who do not have computer games available study more. No relationship was found between parental controls of computer games with readership