Comparative Study On Influence of Teaching Information Literacy by "Teacher" And "Librarian" on Improvement of Information Literacy Skills of Smart Female's High Schools Pupils in Tehran



Objective: This research is based on comparative study of teaching information literacy skills effectiveness by a teacher and a librarian in two smart high schools. A sample course was devised and used to gauge the effectiveness of these skills on pupils and determine the basis of eligibility for teaching “information literacy skills “at schools.
Methodology: Quasi-experimental and documentary method was deployed. 12 smart high schools in Tehran were surveyed. Absal and Nedai Azadi schools were selected because of their similarity in IT infrastructure and reputation. A librarian in Absal School and A teacher in Nedai Azadi School taught information literacy skills during four sessions (about 4 hours) in a 3 week.
Findings: Information literacy skills of pupils were observed before the course was offered. There was no meaningful difference between students in these two schools based on result of independent t test. The average of difference between post test and pre test scores demonstrated that the Liberian (1.33) and teacher (0.07) improved pupils’ information literacy skills. Based on paired t test, the difference rate was meaningful just in the group trained by the librarian. In general comparison between results of literacy skills, s scores pre and post test in two groups with teacher or librarian, there is meaningful difference.