Impact of Organization Structure on Entrepreneurial Attitude of Staff Members: Case Study of University Of Tehran Campus Libraries in Metro Tehran



Objective: The present study aims to gauge the impact of organizational structure on entrepreneurial attitude of employees in University of Tehran Campus libraries located in Metro Tehran
Methodology: While essentially an applied research, a questionnaire was employed to collect the data within a descriptive survey. To measure the dimensions of the organizational structure Robbins’ standard questionnaire was used. To measure entrepreneurial attitude, Lampkin’s standard questionnaire was used. Samples were selected on a random scale from among the librarians in university of Tehran (250). Using Cochrane formulae a final 150 member sample was selected.
Findings: Data analysis demonstrated that organizational structure impacts positively on the entrepreneurial attitude of the staff. The findings could aid University of Tehran library managers in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of an effective organizational structure design in emergence of attitude and individual inclinations towards entrepreneurial activities