Application of Critical Discourse Analysis in LIS Researches: A Conceptual Analysis

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student of KIS, University of Tehran

2 Professor of KIS, University of Tehran


Objective: This article aims to introduce critical discourse analysis in LIS research and to determine its place among other approaches of discourse analysis. It also aims to analyze the applications of this method in LIS research problems. Critiques to these methods are equally mentioned and analyzed.
Methodology: The paper is analytical. In analytical articles, a theory or a method is developed, strengthened by new evidence, explained in other ways, or is reflected on or criticized. As such, the present article intends to develop critical discourse analysis approach in the field of Information Science and provide new research areas and in the meantime, provide new explanations for this approach.
Findings: Critical discourse analysis is an approach that recognizes all discursive and non-discursive practices. Its goal is a static analysis of texts such as posters, news, ads, etc. by means of Halliday's functional grammar to discover naturalized ideologies of texts and to provide their social explanation. Whereas LIS is a field that is placed in the gangway of text production and consumption, so it is posed with several discursive orders. Then, it can be a suitable field to discover specific discourse systems and to explain normalized ideologies.