Quality Assessment of Digital Library Services at University of Tehran; Using the Digiqual Model

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MA. Knowledge and Information Science, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hamadan ,Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Knowledge and Information Science, University, Borojerd , Iran.

3 MA. Entrepreneurial Management, University of Tehran, Iran

4 Professor, Knowledge and Information Science, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hamadan , Iran.


Objective: Access to demand quality of digital library services at University of Tehran from the perspective of users (faculty members, library experts and student) by the Digiqual model.
Research Methodology: As for the objective, this research is an applied research and its nature is survey –analytic. The statistical population of this research is the group of users who are member of the Digital Library at University of Tehran in three groups of university professors, library experts and students of faculties and educational units. In order to analyze the findings, the SPSS software (version 19) was used to describe statistics, average and standard deviation and for their analysis, Wilcoxon signed-rank test and paired T-test was employed.
Findings: The results of the research show that the gap among services in the present and ideal situation in the components of searchability (0.75) , subject coverage and usability(1.07) , accessibility (1.12) , insurability(1.17) , precision ( 1.22) , organizability(1.35) , creditability (1.47) , reviewability(1.8) , active links (1.91) , satisfaction(2.19) and self-sufficiency ( 2.30) shows an accelerating increase and respectively and there is the least gap in the components of searchability , subject coverage and usability and there is the greatest gap in the components of self-sufficiency and satisfaction and the other components are in a limit between the least and the greatest rate.


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