What students expect from academic librarians: the Case of Shahid Chamran University (Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty member of Shahid Chamran University


Purpose: To investigate Shahid Chamran University students’ expectations from librarians.
Methodology: This is a descriptive study conducted through content analysis approach. A questionnaire was distributed among the sample and content analysis and interpretations were carried out on the frequency of each statement of every 6 studied topics.

Findings: Librarians were expected to be familiar with information resources special topics, to know students’ disciplines, know popular authors in each discipline and have mastery in searching the Internet and databases and teach information literacy, have skill in using library software. Also, to have good temper and patience and respect students, help them in searching information resources, be accountable, have good appearance and respect social and Islamic moral values.
Originality: This is the first research in this field which solely focuses on students expectations for library services.