Equating model for productivity assessments Iranian researchers in the Art & medical science with the similarity approach: Case study: performing arts and health education and health promotion

Document Type : Research Paper


Purpose: Comparative assessments of productivity between different disciplines are not simple.One of the main solutions is to equate productivity assessments researchers. In this research we focus on performing arts and health education and health promotion fields for submit the model of equating.
Methodology: This Study is an applied research and exploratory scientometrics where methods such as Library-based method, navigation, content analysis with exploratory approach and similarity was used.
Findings: There are significant differences in terms of technical outputs. Performing Arts has 21 output types, Equating this outputs with current ones in the health education and health promotion ended some uncertainties related to the assessment of research productivity in these fields.
Findings: With weighting each of the outputs with similarity approach, one can equate the different output in different disciplines, So it can be used to evaluate and compare the research productivity of each of these fields.