Regional Information Center for Science and Technology employees’ attitudes toward relationship between IT and their empowerment

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Purpose: this study aims to determine the relationship between the roles of information technology and Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST) employees’ empowerment.
Methodology: To this end, we employed survey research using Spreitzer psychological empowerment questionnaire and a modified IT questionnaire based on Olumi, Hejazi, and Shikh Sojaei questionnaire.
Findings: The results showed a statistical significant between RICeST employees’ attitudes toward the role of IT on their empowerment (P<0.0003). Generally, employees in RICeST would feel IT could increase their competencies in work environment. Further investigations uncovered that the relationship between IT and self-efficacy (P=0.087>α) and self-determination is not statistically significant (P=0.279>α). This result showed IT has no impact on self-efficacy and self-determination of RICeST employees regarding empowerment. On the contrary, they believed IT has positive and significant influence on their meaning (P=0.002), personal impact (P=0.082), and trust (P=0.002) in connection with employees’ empowerment.
Conclusion: Organizations as well as RICeST using new information technologies for administrative activities, training, and encouraging the staffs in this regard, can increase their abilities and improve the organization performances.