How is the scientific relationship network of University of Tehran's researchers?

Document Type : Research Paper



Purpose: Purpose of this research is to show scientific collaboration of researchers in University of Tehran. It improve co-authorship network and develop international collaboration. Moreover, selection of professional researches is assigned.
Methodology: Scientometrics approach is used on gathered data from Web of Science. Data was gathered from whole of the resources in Web of Science database that written by University of Tehran's researchers 2011-2015. Data analysis was done by Hist Cite, Node Xl and Vos viewer.
Findings: Results show that scientific publishing has been descending until 2013 and at 2014, the most number of publishing was published. The highest ranking of citation is to joint article of Ganjali and Nourouzi. 56 resources of University of Tehran is cited by more than 50 resources. The most scientific Edge relationship was be done with Islamic Azad University, University Tehran medical science ,Tarbiat Modares University in national level and University calif davis, univ Malaya, univ Wisconsin