Factors creating Chaos the organization of information and Solutions for Prevention

Document Type : Research Paper


1 faculty member

2 Department of Information Science and Knowledge Studies, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran


Purpose: Chaos is one of the most important features of today''s complex information world which causes users to be confused in the correctly and timely retrieval of information. The Purpose of this reaearch is to identify and prioritizes the chaos creating factors in the information organization and providing solutions to prevent it.
Methodology: This research is an applied that done by descriptive-analytical and qualitative content analysis. The statistical population of this study includes 10 experts of information organizers that they have been selected by Snowball method. Data collection tools were unstructured deep interview.
Findings: The findings showed that the most important factors in creating chaos in the organization of information are: 1- Human factors 2- Systematic factors 3- Fundamental factors 4- Economic factors and 5- Linguistic factor. Also, findings showed that butterfly effect, self similarity, strange attractors and dynamic adaptation respectively were the most important inhibitors of chaos in organization of information and organizers will have better performance to prevent disorders by having the expertise, precision and time
Originality: The results showed that using elements of chaos theory is effective in preventing chaos in organization of information.