Designing a Framework for Creating Persian Gulf University Archives

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Knowledge and Information Science; Faculty of Management; University of Tehran; Tehran, Iran


Purpose: The main purpose of the present research was to provide a pattern for creating university archives at the Persian Gulf University.
Methodology: The methodology of the current applied research was survey, descriptive and analytical. The research population consisted of 20 librarians and 185 faculty members of the Persian Gulf University as the stakeholders of the university archives at the Persian Gulf University. Out of a total of 205 people, a sample of 132 was selected according to the Cochran formula. The data gathering tool was a researcher-made questionnaire based on theoretical foundations and research literature in the field of university archives. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency, median, and mean), and analytical statistics (single sample t-test).
Findings: The findings of the research were categorized in several main sections in the archival requirements (resources and documents, formats and document types, general knowledge and archives staff skills, ethical standards, staff technical skills, equipment and facilities, and building requirements).


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