A Survey of Opinions of Librarians in the Central Libraries of the State Universities of Tehran on the Necessity of Continuing Education (CE)



Purpose: This Survey examines the view points of the librarians in the central libraries of the state universities of Tehran on the necessity of continuing education (CE) courses.
Methodology: A questionnaire survey was conducted (76.7% response rate) to assess the requirement of continuing education (CE) courses.
Findings: The results showed that about 98% of the librarians believe that it necessary to pass the CE courses. Among four main suggested subject areas, information technology skills were considered as the first priority by the librarians. Management was regarded as the second priority and librarianship and English courses were considered as the third priorities. Among the subclasses of the mentioned items, librarians recognized the subjects such as information literacy, information storage and retrieval, human resource management and Web- based skills highly important. Librarians believe that inter-organizational classes and virtual classes are the most suitable methods for holding CE courses. Moreover, librarians found workshops as the most suitable manner of providing CE courses. About 32% of the librarians believe that the inconsistency between the subjects and occupational needs can influence their participation in the CE courses. Introduction