A Comparative Analysis of LIS Master Degree Exams between State and Islamic Azad Universities (1381-1386)



Purpose: The purpose of this study is to analyze the questions which were devised for the national exams in the field of library and information science both by the State University and Islamic Azad University during the years 1381-1386. The study aim at identifying the strength and weakness of the devised tests as well as the relationship between the presented questions and the course contents of bachelor degree.
Findings: Results show that remarkable course contents at bachelor degree were not included in master exams. In the State universities' exam about 54% of questions have been selected from reference services, library and librarianship, cataloging and collection management course syllabuses. However, in the Islamic Azad Universities' exams about 65% of the devised questions were derived from collection management, children’s materials, library and librarianship, and classification courses. Finally, based upon the frequency of topics in the presented questions, the core material which have been used for LIS exams were identified.