View of Archivists of Central Archive and Information Production Unit of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting About Necessity and Importance of In-Service Training



To study aspects of archivists of central archive and information production unit of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting of necessity and significance of in-service training.
This survey was performed that viewpoints of 29 archivists among some 40 body in his two centres (%72.5 of total community) was evaluated.
All members of this community acknowledged that in-service training is necessary and some %80 of them stated that this necessity is high. Main subjects of primitive in-service programs have been about office soft wares or, in other words, ICDL skills (word processing programs, spreadsheet programs etc.) and English language and efficiency of the programs have been middle level. %58.6 of the community remarked that test and degree is necessary for evaluation of trainers. They pointed that, new areas such as information literacy, office soft wares, indexing, and abstracting must be chiefly regarded and computer and network skills must be regarded beside of them. Majority of archivists (average rating: 1.43) stated that in-house training is the best form for training and most of them (%62.06) said that educational work shops is the best fashion to execute the programs.