The Study of KMSU Ph.D. Students Citation Behaviors Based on Their Dissertation between 1380-1384



In this research Ph.D. dissertation of KMSU were studied so that citation behavior of authors could be identified and in so doing, the core journal were introduced. The other aims of this study are determining the type, language and half life of cited journals.
Citation analysis in this study. To review the references and to determine the core journals, Bradford Law was used. The references for 88 Ph.D. dissertations presented in a five year interval between 1380-1384 in KMSU were reviewed and analyzed. They were related to the following fields: Internal, Radiology, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics Gynecology, Urology, Tropical and Infectious Diseases.After reviewing citations, it was found that out of 973 citations 568 (%58.37) cited journals, Out of which 543 (%55.80) cited foreign journals and 25 (%2.56) cited Farsi journals. This study also found that each dissertation in the average cited 11.05 texts.The number of core journals in this study was four journals (%1.53). Also the analysis of dates of citation showed that the half-life of foreign journals is eight years which is too high for periodicals. The analysis of language distribution of citations of foreign journals showed that 261 (%47.36) journals were English and 20 (%3.62) was Farsi.