A Survey on the Rate of Students' Familiarity at Islamic Azad University (Qom) with Library and the Requirement Of User Education in the Viewpoint of Them



In this study is we want to know about the ability of students of Islamic Azad University (Qom) in using of library. In addition, knowing inadequacy and study of student's view points about user education is another aim of this study.
A survey research is used. This study is performed with a statistical sample of 351 students, studying at Islamic Azad University (Qom) in all levels of education including diploma, bachelor, and Master of Science and PhD.
Result show that students don't know exactly how to retrieval information. Only 32% of them can search their materials by themselves, and other students do it by the aids of others. Using expert librarian in different parts of library with offering leaflet or printed pamphlet planning workshops or educational seminars and providing video taps, placed at next stage, Also there is a meaningful relation between the rate of familiarity and proficiency among educated and uneducated students.