The purpose of is to studying the role of central library of Imam Sadiq University in supplying the student's information needs in post graduate of that University.
Students of M.A and PhD are the statistical society for my research. At this research my main stream way of my research was the measurement-discribtive method...
My main source at this research at the both of the M.A and PhD was the published books and the internet source was the second source attending at the ceremonies, using the help of researchers of inside the country and outside also was my source of studying. Students may use the computer for finding the sources and the help of other students and their professors are also useful for them.
Students say that librarians were useful for them but at the normal (medium) level and the also thought that the most reason of not being able of using the library was the limit of libraries work time, limit of facilities, not having the access to the up to date sources of information at the both M.A Ph.D.