Scoping Review of the Position and Role of Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (Irandoc) in Improving and Extending Activities of University and Research Libraries

Document Type : Research Paper


Iranian Institute for Science and Technology (Irandoc)


Purpose: The purposes of this research was defining the need to an organization or a center for improving and extending university and research libraries, and identifying capabilities and position of Iranian Research Institute for Science and Technology (Irandoc) for accepting possible roles.
Methodology: This research was documentary with scoping review in which the scope of research defined with internal and external organizational documents, related researches in NATional Information System (NATIS) and international successful organizations in this field.
Findings: Irandoc can play roles in developing standard, establishing experts and professional network, developing information and knowledge sharing process, facilitating access to the scholarly contents, leadership and change management, developing infrastructures for research data management, gathering information and statistics of these libraries & developing interlibrary collaborations in these libraries.
Originality: This research is one of the seldom researches related to clarification of an organization’ role and position in NATional Information System (NATIS) in Universities and improving and also extending activities of university and research libraries in Iran.