Factors influencing knowledge sharing in academic institutions meta-analysis approach

Document Type : Research Paper


Irandoc, Theran. Iran


The purpose of this study is to describe, analyze and synthesize the results of previous research on the factors affecting the intention to share explicit knowledge in academic institutions, which, by combining these results, provides a more accurate representation of these relationships. This research uses a meta-analysis method to investigate the factors affecting the intention to share knowledge in academic institutions. The statistical population of the research, theses and articles of Persian and Latin related to the subject, have been published in the periodicals of 1395-1383 (2016-2003) in reputable databases and scientific journals both inside and outside the country. 15 research titles were selected with appropriate conditions as a statistical sample for entering meta-analysis. In order to calculate the effect size of each of the factors, the stata software has been used. The results of the meta-analysis showed that attitudes, trust, perceived behavioral control, subjective norms, organizational climate, and reciprocal interaction had a significant effect on the intention to share knowledge. But IT support and rewards do not affect the intention to share knowledge.