Reference management tools in websites of Iran universities

Document Type : Research Paper


1 School of Information Sciences and Knowledge Studies, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

2 School of Information Sciences and Knowledge Studies, Qom University


Aim: The present paper is the result of a research which aimed to review the current level of support and training provided for the reference management software by academic libraries.
Method: The data was gathered on the basis of a survey of Iranian universities’ websites.
Findings: The results reveal that in about 50 percent of Iranian universities, there is no information about RMS at their websites at all. In less than half of the remaining 39 universities, central library is responsible for introducing and training of citations and RMS. Deputy of research and faculty scholarly associations have been other organizers of RMS training. Furthermore, the results show that more than 90 percent of universities perform their training in face to face format only. EndNote is the only citation management software supported approximately by all universities. Teaching other RMS, such as Mendeley or Zotero, has been very limited.
Conclusion: Authors suggest that librarians themselves get instruction on using citation management tools to be able to teach library users. Also, there is a need for providing online tutorials on RMSs.